New Biden-Harris Ads Target Black Voters

New Biden-Harris Ads Target Black Voters

THE BIDEN-HARRIS campaign is out with a series of new ads aimed at Black Americans in swing states, appealing for votes from a community that votes heavily Democratic but did not turn out in high enough numbers to deliver a victory to Democrats in 2016.

The ads, set to run on TV and digital platforms, feature testimonials from African Americans lamenting the state of the nation under President Donald Trump and the power of Black voters to change things – if they register and vote.

“For the thousands who did not vote, we need you to show up for our future and our country,” an African American man tells fellow North Carolina barber shop patrons in “Shop Talk Our Right,” one of two 30-second ads taking place in a Black barber shop. “You cannot sit on the sidelines. You’ve got to get in the game.”

In the second ad, “Shop Talk Trust,” a man notes that “I’m not going to agree with everything anyone says,” a message directed at progressives who might be less excited about Joe Biden‘s presidential bid. But “who do I trust my children’s future to? I trust Joe Biden more than anyone else,” the speaker says, talking about the COVID pandemic.
Both ads will air in Michigan, North Carolina and Wisconsin, while “Shop Talk Trust” will air in Florida and “Shop Talk Our Right” will run in Pennsylvania. Biden is scheduled to visit Florida Tuesday while his running mate, Sen. Kamala Harris, is set to head to Pennsylvania that day.
An extended, 60-second version of “Shop Talk Our Right” will run nationally.

Biden did well among African American voters during the Democratic primaries, arguably owing his nomination to Black voters who came out for him in droves in the South Carolina primary and turned around his once-flagging campaign. But a lack of enthusiasm among Black voters led to lower turnout in 2016 in some critical states like Michigan. Trump won those states by razor-thin margins, delivering him the presidency.

That outcome is hinted at in the new Biden-Harris ads, all of which open with the Democratic ticket standing together with masks on. In an ad to show in Pennsylvania, a Black female business owner talks about Biden’s plan to invest in Black businesses – and notes what happened when voters did not turn out to defeat Trump…Read more>>